Monday, February 20, 2012

An Update!

Hi and Hello! It has been ages since I put any new info up here. That's simply because there hasn't been much going on. I can say that we still have local potatoes, carrots and beets available.

 Potato prices are as follows:
  • Yukon Gold: 50lb $17.50, 25lb $10.00, 10lb $6.50, 5lb $3.50
  • Russet: 50lb $15.00, 25lb $8.00, 10lb $5.50, 5lb $3.00
Carrots prices:
  • 50lb Horse Carrots: $22.50
  • 25lbs $12.00
25lb Beet Bags:
  • large size $12.00
  • medium size $14.00
  • cylinder beets $14.00
  • golden beets $20.00
Fresh Kale arrives weekly from Alex's garden as well as Fresh stalks of local Brussel Sprouts. The Sprouts should be exceptionally tasty after all the frost we've gotten this year.

 Okanagan apples are still in season; we have Gala, Ambrosia, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Spartan and Macintosh. All apple prices range from 99cents to $1.19/lb

We have local Hazelnuts at $3.29/lb and local Walnuts at $3.49/lb

Local Cabbage is just finishing although we still have some Red Cabbage arriving.

We have also started carrying Holy Crap Cereal as seen on the Dragons Den and Nutracleanse High Fiber Food Source.

Other than that, all I have to add is, I look forward to spring and the first taste of a local strawberry! 

All the best, Granddaughter Jill