About Us

Welcome to the Yellow Barn.
We have officially been a business since 1987. Our story doesn't start there though, lets go back a few more years.

 In 1973 owners Marjorie and Alex grew a small amount of sweet corn and put a sign up at the end of their road saying "Sweet Corn". Then people started driving out to our farm and buying corn right from our yard. In a couple of years, they progressed to a road side stand directly across the road from where the Yellow Barn is located today. Colleen, their daughter, spent every summer selling corn there. Corn sales were not limited to this small scale, corn was also sold wholesale to the city and around the Valley.

It was in 1986 that Marjorie purchased the property where the Yellow Barn is situated. We built a small barn shaped store and opened our doors in July of 1987. It didn't take long for the people to recognize us as a great place to stop for the freshest local fruit, vegetables and especially corn.

Since then our store has more than doubled in size. In the more recent years we added a Kitchen and Deli where we serve fresh sandwiches, coffee, breakfast and lunch daily. We've become a meeting place and a landmark for travelers from all across the country. In the summer months we see many vacationers who make a stop at our store part of their travel plans. In our quieter months we are there for our local neighborhood people and people who come out from the city for our unique products and our country atmosphere.